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Friday, December 31, 2004
So this is what the old fool has been doing? All those hours locked away in the library, the mounting pile of empty bottles, and all for this?

I would have preferred adultery, but that was too much to hope for. From now on Uncle will be sharing sleeping quarters with the dog.

Let me assure those of you foolish enough to read this "blog" that I and my darling communards will not be deterred by such malicious attacks as I find in this awful site.

That horrible little Johnny may cut our funds, the vulgar and the right-wingers may rant, but Auntie ABC goes on while there's a government to shovel your money our way.

We have had our hardships in the executive suite. Some economies in staffing have been necessary, but we struggle on, because no government will have the gumption to pension me off.

It is true that our next generation of communards make darling Phillip Adams and Pastor Lane appear scholarly.

What do you expect? We only pay them at mouthpiece rates. For the rest, the knowledge and professional standards, we rely on their prejudices.

They may be ill-educated and semi-literate, but their political souls are in the right place. For that we may thank our universities.

People like you owe us a living, so pay up and stop whining about it.

Now, would you all just go away. There's no place for you in my commune.