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Monday, December 13, 2004
Media myths dismissed.

1. Global warming is raising the temperature of the surface of the world's oceans and threatening a catastrophic decline in coral reefs.

Such evidence as there is points the other way:
New Australian research claims the world's coral reefs could expand in size by as much as a third as oceans heat up.

2. In a major embarrassment to the US's Iraq policy, Secretary of Defence Rumsfeld was ambushed by mutinous troops, furious at the US government's neglect of their armaments.

In a remarkable display of open government, Rumsfeld subjected himself to questions from the troops during a visit to Iraq. The troops welcomed Rumsfeld and the opportunity to raise issues with him. One US reporter, told that only military personnel could ask questions on this occasion, used a soldier to get up a question on a relevant technical issue, the bomb-proofing of humvees, with the intention of catching Rumsfeld out. This confirmed the value of the meeting for the military attending, and confirmed the New York Times and the media in general in their opinion that the security of US troops in Iraq is being neglected by the Bush administration. (via today's OpinionJournal)