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Friday, December 03, 2004
The Ivorian insurgency is not getting a good press, at least from the BBC, which thinks claims that French soldiers have indulged in some decapitation to be less than credible. Our own Auntie thinks French 'peace-keepers' are just doing their job.

When French forces suffered the indignity of friendly fire, they responded by destroying the Ivorian air force. President Gbagbo thought that an unfriendly act, no doubt aware that it weakened his government's capacity to resist the Islamic insurgency in the north of his country.

The state media have been urging the citizens of the Ivory Coast to resist the French and protect their government.

This, the BBC editorialises, is a "hate media" campaign. It uses emotive images of those killed and injured by French fire to incite resistance. Governments under foreign occupation should not do this, it seems.

In Iraq, on the other hand...

The BBC's warm relations with al Jazeera have not been affected by its new-found objection to broadcasting material that might inflame viewers.

(via Biased BBC)