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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Will Holland be the first of the liberal democracies to mount a serious resistance to its indigenous Islamism? Certainly the first in Europe?

The answer's yes, according to Happy Feder , who says the murder of film-maker Theo van Gogh is Holland's 9/11.

You wouldn't know it from Dutch official reaction. An artist who painted a mural showing an angel with the text 'Thou shalt not kill' was ordered to scrub it from his wall by local officials after complaints from a neighbouring mosque. The Deputy Prime Minister, however, has used the 'war' word to describe the challenge facing Holland. The organisation of moderate Muslims has offered support for the campaign which is backed by the Dutch-Moroccan vice-mayor of Amsterdam.

Left opinion, exemplified by the New York Times, advises the Dutch not to risk making victims of their Islamic citizens.
Urgent efforts are needed to better manage the cultural tensions perilously close to the surface of Dutch public life. The problem is not Muslim immigration, but a failure to plan … a more diverse society.
The Dutch, however, can read the note pinned by a knife stuck into van Gogh's heart ... "You will be crushed by Islam.… I am certain that you, the Netherlands, will go to ruin... hair-raising screams will be squeezed from the lungs of the non-believers.", and the list of Islamism's opponents in line for later throat-cutting.

For the Dutch, and for the French and the Germans and the British, the problem is that a substantial proportion of their immigrant Islamic populations support the extreme jihadist world-view in which Mohammed B., the man who hacked off van Gogh's head, was educated, supported and encouraged.

There is talk of banning extremist mosques, prosecuting the hate-preaching mullahs, and depriving extremists of Dutch citizenship. In other words, liberal Holland will no longer tolerate the militant intolerance that breeds violence against its opponents.

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