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Friday, November 12, 2004
Who you calling dumb?

The Daily Mirror labels Republican voters 'dumb'. In fact, according to exit polls, they're not all the solid, provincial, high-school graduated, church-going citizens the left loves to despise. They're at least as well educated as Democrat voters.
This trend toward more educated voters siding with the GOP coincided with the results of the 2002 national elections in which "Republicans won for the first time in decades among those claiming to have post-graduate degrees. They even captured a majority of women with college or post-graduate degrees."

A quid to a dollar says they're also better educated than Daily Mirror readers.

But education is not everything. There's also the capacity to learn in the school of hard knocks, real life. How do Democrats score in that competition?
On a personal note, I [Christopher Orlet] have lived all my life next door to some of the poorest communities in America: Washington Park, Brooklyn, and Venice, Illinois. Since FDR's day the Democrats have been running these towns and surrounding counties into the ground, growing fat while these communities grow poorer and more crime-ridden each year, while the rest of the country prospers. And yet the voters continue to turn out each election cycle for the Democrats.