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Monday, November 08, 2004
What a spray young Andrew Bolt copped from Mike Seccombe on the ABC's confessional Sunday political discussion program, Insiders, yesterday! Fellow panellist, the Age's Mischa Schubert, joined in the flogging, of course. Auntie always likes to keep these horrible conservatives on the outside.

Bolt took it all like a man. He knows, I'm sure, that Seccombe's real target was not Bolt but those 'DUMB' voters, here and in the US, who didn't vote the way Seccombe thought they should have.

Where are we, the second stage of grieving? Anger and denial.

"On the morning of Nov. 2, the condescending left were convinced that Bush was an idiot. By the evening of Nov. 2, they were convinced that the electorate was".

How can Mark Steyn be so unfeeling about the suffering of Seccombe's allies, the US Democrats?

Later: If you look at the current index page for the (UK) Spectator you'll find that three of the five most-viewed Spectator articles were written by Mark Steyn. And of those who read this Steyn review of the US election result, 94% agreed with Steyn. It looks like the Spectator's guest is taking over the house.

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