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Friday, November 05, 2004
US TO BOMB AUSTRALIA, the Age's screamer of a headline this morning, is only the most extravagant of the left's midnight horrors at the re-election of President Bush.

The Michael Moore left in the US told them that it must not happen and it would not happen. What went wrong?

Before the election it was all about Iraq, oil and US unilateralism in world affairs.

The day after and it's all about religious fundamentalism and the attack on liberal values.

According to Henny Herald's most reliable ideologue, Marian Wilkinson, Bush will now be "grinding liberals into the dust". The Republicans succeeded, according to the left, because they got out the conservative Christian vote. By implication the new black and working class voters all voted for Kerry. For this grand assumption they have, of course, no evidence.

(Henny's Peter Hartcher takes a saner view that the root of Bush's victory was his response to 9/11, but Wilkinson gets the front page spot for her 'news' report and her commentary.)

The success of referenda against extending the definition of marriage to cover homosexual unions provides some strong evidence to the contrary. How long do you think it will be before the left acknowledges that people who wish to maintain the distinction between heterosexual marriage and homsexual partnerships are not thereby vilifying homsexuals? My guess; some time after the left has lost the next round of elections.

A principal problem for the middle-class left is that it despises working people, those who have not been acculturated by the humanities/social science faculties of our universities.

You can see how hard it's going to be when you listen to Kerry O'Brien's script-writer on last night's 7.30 Report. The contest was between
Bush's potent moral message and Democrat challenger Kerry's promise of political pragmatism and record as a war hero, the moral message won hands down.

Dream on people, and don't be surprised if it feels more and more like a nightmare.