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Monday, November 22, 2004
Uncle is usually in bed with his last whisky by 10.00pm, but Tony Jones of Lateline never sleeps. Nor does his predictable communard mind-set, as wakeful listener GG observed recently. It's a classic, and well worth a little more attention.
"TONY JONES: Well, Harlan Ullman, it must be a sad day for you to see a man of such potential [Colin Powell] brought so low?

HARLAN ULLMAN, POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Well, I don't agree with that assessment, Tony, but I do appreciate the introduction."

"TONY JONES: He had, of course, the most public of humiliations over the speech that he made in February last year to the UN Security Council in which he put his own personal credibility, really, on the line over US intelligence, nearly all of which was wrong.

Did he feel that he'd been betrayed by the information that was given to him to take to the Security Council?

HARLAN ULLMAN: I think the words humiliated and betrayal are really a bit over the top."

"TONY JONES: Do you believe Rumsfeld will survive this purge?

HARLAN ULLMAN: Oh, absolutely.

I wouldn't use the word 'purge'."
With that kind of persistence, and a polite talent, you can promote your world-view even when the talent is better informed, and doesn't agree with you.

Tony Jones and Alan Jones, brothers in technique if not ideology.