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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
Senator Bob Brown, who used to hold the balance of power in the Senate, finds new US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice very scary.
"Condaleeza Rice is not a warm human being," Senator Brown told reporters.

"She's George W. Bush's echo.

"But she's lacking the compassion we need to see in the office of secretary of state for the most powerful nation on the planet."

Senator Brown said there was a ruthlessness about Dr Rice which he found frightening.

"She hasn't got the compassion of her predecessor and has a certain ruthlessness about her which I think is quite frightening in an age where we need more understanding and compassion in international affairs," he said.
It seems that Senator Brown, who has never seen a US President he doesn't want to shout at, has stood up to bulldozers and finds spiritual uplift in vertical lumps of wood, could find nothing in Rice's politics to disagree with.

Adam Sternbergh writing in the Henny finds Nicole Kidman has "a warm smile but a cold heart".
She's a movie star, but one whose movies have gone largely unloved.
If you're a beautiful woman, make sure you act dumb. Mustn't scare the weenies.