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Monday, November 08, 2004

In the Ivory Coast, France is calling for more UN support to relieve it from the burdens of its unilateral military involvement.
The latest violence began when Ivorian aircraft attacked the former rebel-controlled city of Bouake.

French peacekeepers who were stationed near the city were also killed in the raid.

French President Jacques Chirac ordered his troops to retaliate by destroying Ivorian bombers and helicopters.

Since we're talking about France, and the subjects of their attention are Africans, none dare call it quagmire.

And what do you call those brave lads with machetes attacking French armour, under orders from their government? Patriots? Insurgents, even?

No, they're 'demonstrators'.
Thousands of demonstrators, some armed with axes and machetes, tried to storm a French military base outside the commercial capital Abijan.

In the Sudan, there is nothing the media considers worth reporting. That is, the Islamist genocide of the Darfurian Africans, through mass murder, mass rapes and starvation, continues apace under the watchful and compassionate gaze of UN resolutions.

In Iran, the European Union has come to an agreement with the Islamist dictatorship of that country. The terms of the deal seem to be that Iran can continue with its nukes program, but discreetly, to avoid offending the European in the street. Meanwhile, the Europeans can continue to sell Iran nuclear technology and buy its oil while professing to be serious about nuclear non-proliferation.

That, it seems, is enough to avoid UN sanctions.