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Sunday, November 21, 2004
Pastor Terry Lane and Senator-elect Steven Fielding used to thump the same Bible, before the Pastor bowed his head to Lord Marx. Still, Lane, like a few others in the Auntie commune, keeps examining the Senator to be for signs that he will be just a stooge for the Assemblies of God, or John Howard, or both. He does it again on today's In the National Interest, repeated tomorrow at 1.00 pm AEDT.

So far the Family First neophyte has sung more refrains from the communards' hymn book than from the Coalition's. He wants softer policies for 'refugees', reconciling gestures towards the promoters of Aboriginal grievance, a stronger social safety net, and so on, but it has yet to win him a spot in the hearts of the left.

Indeed, paraphrasing what the Pastor might once have said, it is easier for a committee to thread a needle than for a faithful Christian to be admitted to the cultural citadels of the left.

Senator-elect Fielding, you see, has already committed the ultimate blasphemy. He favours a more restrictive policy towards abortion.

Fielding had better get used to the sight of garlic and crucifixes in the hands of his interlocutors at Auntie ABC.