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Monday, November 01, 2004
In the greatest leap forward for Human Rights since Libya was elected to the chair of the UN's committee on the subject, China has endorsed Senator Kerry by criticising President Bush's decision to liberate Iraq.
China has assailed what it calls the "Bush doctrine" on the eve of the US election, saying the Iraq war has ruined the global anti-terror coalition and has blamed arrogance for problems dogging the United States worldwide.
China is worried that
the rift in the United States over the Iraq war is becoming so serious that "no matter who gets into the White House, they will have to face an America that is moving each day toward division".
Yes indeed. It's called an election, a practice not likely to disturb the middle kingdom in the forseeable future.

China did not mention its own role as principal Security Council sponsor of Sudan's genocidal government.

Neither did Auntie.

China did not mention the violent divisions caused by its suppression of its own ethnic minorities.

China's divisions are being managed by martial law. I presume China is recommending that to the US.