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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
'I haven't a peaceful bone in my body', Sydney 'Peace' Prize winner Arundhati Roy tells her admiring audience, and that includes Auntie's captive audience on Radio National.

'I regard this prize as recognition for the kind of politics I represent', Roy continues.

And that means the kind of politics you can hear at any anti-globo, Yank-bashing rally outside the nearest international talk-fest.

Why didn't the Prize's instigator, Professor Stuart Rees, tell us that?

Instead, his Sydney University-sponsored operation claims to recognise
an organisation or individual,

* who has made significant contributions to global peace including improvements in personal security and steps towards eradicating poverty, and other forms of structural violence
* whose role and responsibilities enable the recipient to use the prize to further the cause of peace with justice
* whose work illustrates the philosophy and principles of non-violence
Roy fails dismally on point one. She supports the kind of hostility to private business that kept India poor and vulnerable until a few years ago. Count that as a few million unnecessary deaths over the wasted post-independence years, a longer period than the madness of Maoism in China.

As a sole operator, Roy is unlikely to match the violence of her rhetoric with action, but neither is she likely to "illustrate the philosophy and principles of non-violence".

Non-violence was characteristic of her policy towards Saddam Hussein's regime, but after the US-led liberation she favours the 'resistance' of Iraqi 'insurgents'. God forbid that Iraqis should prefer to vote.

Roy says she will donate her loot to Australia's Aborigines, because of Australia's "attempt to genocidally wipe them out". I wonder where she got that idea from? Perhaps from our favourite left historians who now say they never really meant to say that. What matters to Roy is not the evidence, it's the hate.

Auntie follows up Roy's lecture with a repeat of Phillip Adams's most obsequious interviews, in which Roy declares that President Bush and bin Laden are morally equivalent. In fact Bush and Blair are worse than bin Laden, because Roy reserves for them the term "war criminal".

The ABC as indymedia.

And you're paying for it.