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Friday, November 05, 2004
A good collection of sore-heads, and sore-head-kickers, over at MCJ

My favourtie sore-head is George Soros:
When asked what he planned to do if Kerry lost the election, Soros said that he plans to enter a monastery for a time because he will need to contemplate what is wrong with the people of this country.
Anyone know of a monastery with gold taps in the bathrooms?

The Guardian is protecting its political vitals by burying this news in the middle of Dominic Timms's column:
The Guardian, which pinned its colours firmly to the Kerry mast, had encouraged non-US readers to have their say in the election by writing to voters in Clark County, Ohio.

Much to the delight of the small band of vociferous opponents who emailed the paper strongly criticising the scheme, Bush eventually won Clark County by a margin of 50.96% to John Kerry's 48.56%.