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Monday, November 15, 2004
The 'G' word was mentioned in Radio National Breakfast's account this morning of the mass murder, rape and destruction in Darfur.

Auntie has been reluctant to call the policies of the Sudanese government genocide, although it meets the broad definition set out in the international convention on genocide. Now she says what's going in Darfur is "what some are calling "genocide"."

Auntie has no inhibitions about allowing her stroke-pals to apply the g-word to Australia on-air, as Arundhati Roy did last week.

The BBC's Hillary Andersson has visited the scene of the atrocities and collected first hand accounts of the Sudanese government's modus operandi. The Sudanese air force attacks a village from the air. Its militia, the janjaweed, having surrounded the village earlier, then moves in and shoots every man who cannot escape and gang-rapes the women. Hence the death toll and the nation of refugees in Sudan and neighbouring Chad.

The BBC's Panorama programme has just broadcast its account of the Darfur atrocity. It makes clear, as does Andersson, that the janjaweed is an arm of the Sudanese army and under the control of the government. They wear government military uniforms, without insignia, and carry government identity cards.

Meanwhile the Darfurians see the UN operatives and the OAU soldiers and expect help. So is their misery exacerbated, because the UN and the OAU have both agreed that they will do nothing to oppose the Islamofascist government of the Sudan.

For the communards in Auntie, this greatest current atrocity, even if it may be named, is of small account compared with the 'illegal' liberation of Iraq. Since the misery of Darfur is the responsibility of China, France, the Arab and African states, there is, from the commuanrds' point of view, no basis for a political campaign.

Now if only Halliburton were buying Sudanese oil, and not China!