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Monday, November 01, 2004
First one, and now two indpendent enquiries have found Radio National's AM programme guilty of serious breaches of journalistic good practice. The first independent review was in fact chosen by the ABC itself, but we'll let that pass for the moment.

The offences all related to the reporting of the Iraq liberation, and especially to presenter Linda Mottram's leading questions and the assumptions which they plainly expressed.

The second independent review was carried out by the Australian Broadcasting Authority, usually criticised by David Marr's My Pet Hates programme for going soft on media malpractice. Not this time; the ABA has endorsed the first independent review.

Fortunately for the communard conspiracy within Auntie, a draft report has been leaked to Media Watch by a sympathiser within the ABA, so a pre-emptive assault got under way tonight.

In the course of this polemic against the ABA I thought I heard Marr calling for yet another really independent body to review the original Alston complaints yet again.

Do you think Marr and his minders would accept criticism of the ABC left from a third independent enquiry? Or would the same tricks be employed?

Marr, like his more permanent communard associates within the ABC, are about as objective in assessing themselves as Allan Jones. But with much less charm.