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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
Colin Powell was "the voice of moderation in the Bush administration" according to Auntie's television news service last night. By the same standards, ABC news is the epitome of journalism among Australia's media.

Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, whose conviction of spying for Stalin against their country, the US, has since been confirmed from Soviet sources, are still 'so-called spies', according to Auntie's Classic FM, the former music broadcaster, this morning. Auntie listeners are free to regard them as heroes of resistance, and are treated to an hour with a Rosenberg grand-child. (Auntie gave her father, Robert Meerapol an hour earlier this year to spread the same lies, and the Age put it in print for him). Eve Meerapol, understandably, finds her grand-parents heroic fighters for social justice, who just happened to be communists but were never, never spies. For details go to the earlier post linked above, and contemplate the intellectual pathology of the left, where ideology always trumps evidence.