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Friday, November 12, 2004
Australia is a nation divided in its evaluation of Yasser Arafat, if you read our views from the editorial staff of Henny Herald and the Australian.

The Aus's stories discuss the political implications of the death of a political leader: Death gives peace a chance, Legacy is a divided, shattered people, The two Yasser Arafats.

Henny's stories give us, in respectful tones, the death of a statesman: The genius of ordered anarchy, Heir apparent will call for calm, Arafat's body arrives in Cairo for funeral.

The American people seem to know where they stand. When the Democrats' favourite broadcaster, CBS, interrupted the popular CSI:New York to announce Arafat's death it was forced by public reaction to apologise. Getting into practice for the publication of their independent report on Rathergate.