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Friday, October 22, 2004
Something you don't want to be - a hubristic politician whose electoral nemesis has arrived.

Take Lord Bob-Brown of the Barricades, the spokesman for all things green and good in the mainstream left media. He was predicting six Senate seats and a popular vote that would make the Greens the balancing third force in Australian politics. Despite massive exposure by Auntie and her like-minds in the media, Brown failed to deliver.

With just 7% of the House of Reps vote and not much more in the Senate where he'll be side-lined by the Coalition majority, Brown doesn't have a leg to stand on. That won't stop every commentator kicking him in the shins, as Paul Kelly did on Wednesday last and Gerard Henderson will do, again, next Tuesday in the Henny Herald.

Despite Latham's bluster about keeping his disastrous forest policy, the calls to Brown from Labor's deal-makers will not come again, and his troops' morale is not going to rise. Even Lathamesque stunts like shouting at visiting US Presidents in Parliament will produce smaller dividends among the alienated and will confirm the mainstream in its negative judgement of the Greens.

Who can blame Brown if his nasal drone is interpreted in future more often as a whine, when in the past the leftish media played it as the sound of the non-politician in action? Well, I can, but I did that before the election.

Schadenfreude, baby; enjoy it while it's there.