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Friday, October 22, 2004
The reason the UN can't join the war on terror, despite regular pious resolutions, is the UN's Islamic faction, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, according to Joshua Maravchik.
At bottom everyone understands what terrorism is: the deliberate targeting of civilians. The Islamic Conference, however, has insisted that terrorism must be defined not by the nature of the act but by its purpose. In this view, any act done in the cause of "national liberation," no matter how bestial or how random or defenseless the victims, cannot be considered terrorism.

This boils down to saying that terrorism on behalf of bad causes is bad, but terrorism on behalf of good causes is good. Obviously, anyone who takes such a position is not against terrorism at all--but only against bad causes.
Likewise for Sudan's genocidal policies. In this case the OIC has the support of China, owner of Sudan's oil output and supplier of many of its weapons, and France. And most of the Western left.