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Thursday, October 14, 2004
Patrick Cook just gets better and better. He has been gracing the inside back cover of The Bulletin since before I can remember, but his observations are as acute as ever and his wit even sharper. I'm sorry I missed him for many years.

Here's his observation on the ABC's Kerry O'Brien's election night coverage.
Wouldn't you like to play poker against that man? He could call an election in a silent movie and you'd still know how Labor was doing.
Indeed we did. Like that plaintive demand that Senator Nick the Toe-cutter Minchin should say something generous about the quality of Mark Latham's electioneering. Minchin was not so stupid. He knew who'd be quoting his words back at him in future interviews.

Putting Cook at the back of The Bulletin has this advantage, for him and for us. You don't need to buy the magazine. Just tear off the back cover and leave the rest behind.