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New Criterion



Tuesday, October 26, 2004
The New York Times is working with the Kerry camp to re-cast Senator Kerry's political past.

The record shows Kerry as one of the Vietnam War era's radical leftists. He thought Ho Chi Minh the "George Washington of Vietnam", branded his own military as systematic and deliberate war criminals, and coordinated his anti-war activities with the North Vietnamese.

The fact of Kerry's Paris meetings with the North Vietnamese has been raised in the fourth of the Swift Boat Veterans' campaign ads on television. The Kerry camp is now trying to spin the point away and the Times is helping, as Joshua Muravchik demonstrates here.

The fact of Kerry's Vietnam era radicalism is, like George Bush's earlier dissipation, not fatal to his ambition to be President. What makes it damaging is his dishonest attempt to use his brief service in Vietnam as a qualification for office and to deny his past radicalism.