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Monday, October 04, 2004
The network star anchors are circling their wagons around CBS's Dan Rather. Not a good move. There's a bomb in the circle, and they'll all go up with him.
"There's a political jihad against Dan Rather and CBS," complained NBC's Tom Brokaw at a New York Public Library event Saturday. "It's a demagoguery unleashed on the Internet."

ABC's Peter Jennings then weighed in.
The Wall Street Journal's John Fund is on the case, and he's found some interesting background on Rather's agenda-maker in the Burkett forgeries case, Mary Mapes. She's a serial 'advocacy journalist' for the left. When she worked in Seattle, from where Rather recruited her,
Mapes produced a sensational report on a killing of a drug suspect by police that rested on the shoulders of an unreliable source whose story collapsed under cross-examination. Sound familiar?
Yes indeed. Mapes found a false witness in just the same way. According to Bill Burkett, she urged him to produce documents in support of her long-standing campaign against President Bush's national guard service record.

Since Mapes's record is so clear, Rather's support for her brings a clear message about his political commitment.

Still leaves the question, who helped Burkett, a barely coherent anti-Bush ranter, construct the forged documents Mapes had asked for?

Keep watching. And wonder why Brokaw and Jennings have tied themselves to Rather's submerging reputation.