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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
More than a million visits to just one site hosting video of the Iraqi Islamist throat-cuttings!

Uncle won't be joining the queue, but the appropriately-monikered webmaster Douglas Hagman has a point:
"All too frequently, we hear the mainstream news talk about a hostage being 'beheaded' by 'militants', 'insurgents' or other innocuous sounding descriptive terms," he says.

"It is my belief that the majority of the people in the US and the UK do not know how vile and vicious these people are, and how horrific these acts are, especially when they are described in such mild terms."
I doubt that many of the viewers will be voting for John Kerry.

At TCS, Val MacQueen compares the disciplined response of the US government and media to the murders of Jack Hensley and Eugene Armstrong with the way the UK government and media played the Kenneth Bigley kidnapping according to the terrorists' script.
The cast of characters grew. There was Paul Bigley conducting alternate foreign policy. Enter stage right that unlikely champion of freedom Muammar Ghadafi, long time funder of terrorism, including the downed 747 over Lockerbie, Scotland, 25 years ago, to plead for Bigley's release. Two members of the British Islamic Council from Liverpool made a personal pilgrimage to Iraq to plead for Bigley's life, although with whom they pleaded, we never found out.