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Monday, October 18, 2004
Kofi Annan thinks the world is not a safer place since the US began its campaign against Islamist terrorism, according to Auntie's PM program tonight.

Annan cites as evidence continuing terrorist attacks, and the situation in Iraq.

Annan makes no reference to the situation in the Sudan. It follows the the government-run mayhem in the Sudan does not fit the United Nations definition of a danger to its victims.

The number of victims of the Sudanese government's genocide against the Darfurians exceeds the number of Iraqis killed by 'insurgents' by a factor of at least ten to one, and the number of Iraqis killed by Coalition action by about one hundred to one.

But the action of the Sudanese government is 'legal', according to Kofi's law. The action of the Coalition is 'illegal'.

Don't you love the multilateral approach to world affairs?