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Tuesday, October 12, 2004
'I've lost my son, I've lost my job, and I've just lost an election. But I still feel very buoyed' reports one of Auntie's favourite dissenters, ex-magistrate Brian Deegan, on The World Today, today (transcript in a few hours). He's astounded at the corruption of the Australian electorate.

And that is about where, in all decency, Auntie should leave Deegan. He needs Auntie's exposure about as much as Rene Rivkin needed Andrew Denton's time on Enough Rope.

Already, since Saturday night, Deegan has been exposed on Pastor Terry Lane's In the National Interest, and now on The World Today. Where next?

You know what happens when enough rope becomes more than enough, although Deegan's foolishness seems bullet-proof.