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Thursday, October 21, 2004
It is 'unprecedented' for a US media organisation to involve itself so directly in politcal campaigning as Sinclair Broadcasting Group, said Phillip Adams's US stroke-pal Bruce Shapiro on Lateline's repeat yesterday. SBG were planning to broadcast Stolen Honor, a mirror-Mooreish attack on John Kerry.

Shapiro igores Rathergate and the long, widespread tradition of pro-Democrat media activism it exemplifies.

Perhaps he's trying to tell us something else. The grievous sin of the Sinclair Broadcasting Group was to be up-front and honest. Your true left-winger learns the art of subterfuge and dissimulation at those Marxist kindergartens, our humanities faculties and activist groups.

You can be confident that neither Shapiro nor our Gastropod will find anything objectionable about the Democrat campaign to suppress the broadcast of Stolen Honor. The doco will now not be shown by SBG. Perhaps our SBS will buy it, to token-balance their steady diet of anti-US propaganda. Or perhaps not.

In any case you can see it for five bucks.