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Monday, October 18, 2004
Good news! John Kerry is standing in the wrong election.

'The world wants me' was Kerry's message to a meeting of supporters, according to this morning's Henny Herald.

"The world is waiting for the United States of America they know and love," he told a rally of at least 5000 supporters in Wisconsin in a reference to worldwide opinion polls that show that Mr Bush's policies have stirred global resentment and that much of the world prefers Senator Kerry as the next president.

Kerry really wants to lead the Coalition in Opposition to US Power, but there are other candidates for the job, and Jacques Chirac thinks he's already got it.

The likely US voters seem to agree that Kerry's job is not in the White House. After the latest of Kerry's 'victories', in the final candidates' debate (that's the way Auntie's hacks called it), support for Kerry dropped by 4%.

The honey-tongued Margaret Throsby complained on ABC Classic FM the other day, while she was interrupting the music, that democracy's grievous fault is that it leaves half the electorate disappointed. The solution to that social evil is obvious, but Margaret should be consoled to know that in this US Presidential race there can be two winners.

And it means that George Bush can be left to get on with being President of the US.