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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
The French Press Agency is re-cycling the pacifist-left front organisation that was given so much free time by Auntie a few months ago - Military Families Speak Out.

Perhaps they sound more credible in French.

This time the ordinary-American-who-got-turned-into-an-anti-war-activist-only-because-of-Bush is one Connie Cominsky.
Her face is showing up in advertisements for groups such as, and the anti-war Band of Sisters that are running issue ads backing the Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

“I’m speaking out while I can,” said Cominsky, who comes from the Chicago suburbs and speaks in a voice made reedy and uneven by a degenerative condition. “The president let me down. He let the country down.”
Ms Cominsky has been a reluctant activist for AFP twice before.

Talk about big publicity returns on small membership investment.