Tim Blair


New Criterion



Tuesday, October 05, 2004
The deeply reactionary character of much ALP policy for its next government provides ample reason to defer your acceptance of the Marksist offering.

Two of Labor's most backward-looking front-benchers have been put in charge of two policy areas of great importance for our future.

Shadow Education Minister, Kim Carr, is less likely than many of his colleagues to appreciate the importance to our educational future of institutional freedom. The prospect is that the heavy hand of Dawkinsism will be extended even further into research funding.

Communications Shadow Kate Lundy is overseeing a re-regulation of communications content that only a Phillip Adams could love. Here the prospect of Australia sliding even further behind the pace of change undermines the hopes of both sides of politics that there will be enough money in the tax tin to fund their promises.

The death of multi-culturalism's public credibility has hardly touched the agenda of Nicola Roxon's first term ambitions. She wants to extend nationally the lunacies of Victorian Labor's legislation againts religious 'vilification': she has "signaled that it [Labor] would introduce racial and religious vilification legislation for the whole country if it forms the next government after elections on Oct. 9", despite proof that it is legitimating bigotry.

We don't deserve any of this.