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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Mark Latham has promised "a more aggressive pro-market reform agenda". To help him along he is sacking front-benchers with economic expertise and promoting "talented young progressive women". Of these the one most likely to be Latham's shadow Treasurer is Julia Gillard. She owes her front bench position to her market-hostile Scocialist Left faction. Good luck, Mark.

Alexander Downer has criticised SBS doco-activist John Martinkus for insentivity. Martinkus had said that 'Iraqi terrorists had a reason to kill some hostages', like Briton Ken Bigley and his American colleagues. Of course the terrorists had reason, and a good one, too. Bigley and his fellow victims of the throat-cutters were doing something useful for Iraq.

After performing due diligence on the internet the terrorists were convinced, according to Martinkus, that he was on their side and "there was not a reason to kill me (and) luckily I managed to convince them of that". No luck there; just solid track record. Alexander Downer made no comment on that.

The anti-vilification language police in Western Australia have decided that terms like 'wog', 'pom' and 'ding' ('ding'? Ask a sand-groper) are acceptable uses of the language if the speaker's heart is in the right place. It follows that 'nigger' is acceptable, in the same circumstances. For the first time in history that word has now received official endorsement. Thus, disappearing up your own ideological fundament is also acceptable behaviour if your ideology is in the left place. (From today's Australian).