Tim Blair


New Criterion



Friday, September 17, 2004
WHEN ISRAEL takes out Iran's nuclear capability the left will parade in our streets, screaming about Israel's aggression and demanding action from the UN, the US and everyone else.

The UN's agenda will be clogged with motions of condemnation.

Right now, as Iran builds its nuclear capability under the eyes of the UN Security Council, the Iranian Islamist dictatorship arouses no more passion among Auntie's communards than Saddam's dictatorship did.

And the UN Security Council is prevented from considering any action against Iran by the usual villains, France and Russia, and, on this occasion, Britain.

If our pacifists had any integrity they would be out in the streets right now, hammering at the gates of the embassies of the real enemies of peace.

They aren't, and they won't. They'll wait until the inevitable happens and then condemn Israel and the US.

Let's just hope Israel has the capacity to do the job without resort to its own nukes.