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Thursday, September 09, 2004
WHAT WAS THE MESSAGE of the Jakarta Embassy bombing?

Professor Harold Crouch in his first interview on PM is sure there is no connection with the Australian election. The planning lead-time for these events is too long to allow precise coordination. JI just lets 'em off when they're ready.

Sidney Jones of the International Crisis Group, interviewed on the 7.30 Report, leaves the question open, citing the circumstances of the Madrid bombing and its great success.

There is also the third anniversary in two days time of the New York attacks.

Jones thinks that not even al Quaeda are mad enough to think that an attack on the US during its election period would produce any benefit for their cause.

Eventually a claim of responsibility will be made. Perhaps in the voice of the other-worldly bin Laden. We'll just have to wait for al Jazeera's communique.