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Thursday, September 23, 2004
Six questions on Rathergate, to Dan Rather, Mary Mapes, CBS, Kerry operative Joe Lockhart, the other Kerry operatives who were in at the Bush kill that left them bloodied instead, CBS, and , of course, Bill Burkett, nicely drafted by James Pinkerton of Newsday.

It's all about who talked to whom, when and about what; questions Rather, CBS and the Democrats have walked away from.

Two reasons to be hopeful.
CBS has appointed a blue-ribbon mini-panel, consisting of former Pennsylvania Gov. Dick Thornburgh and former AP president Louis Boccardi, to conduct an investigation. If Thornburgh and Boccardi value their reputations, they will charge hard
but maybe not fast.

And Bill Burkett is suing CBS for defamation. If he persists, maybe CBS will sue him back. Or maybe they'll all get smart.

Pinkerton's last question is to the cops: "Won't you do your jobs, fellas? After all, it looks like crimes were committed here."

So much to learn; so little time.