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Tuesday, September 28, 2004
The sight of the Church of England patronising the religion that will soon be dancing on its grave knocks Mark Steyn off his chair. He tries to improve on Rowan Williams's talent for self-satire. It's a very good try. And how come Christopher Johnson hasn't fisked it yet?

As go the Anglicans, so follow the Europeans:
Unfortunately, embracing Europe means embracing German corporatism, French public-service ethics, Belgian foreign policy, Swedish tax rates and Greek state pension liabilities which, by the year 2040, will account for 24 per cent of GDP.

So, if Britons are becoming more European, they ought to stop, because it's a death cult. Fifty million Frenchmen can be wrong, and 50 million Britons joining them in their fantasy won't make it come true.
Later. Alright alright alright, you've done it already.