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Monday, September 13, 2004

From reader BM:
Yesterday I e-mailed ABC Corporate Affairs regarding the amusing little ditty that was played on the Red Symons show that am. (6th Sept). The song was composed of sound bites from the Prime Minister, some of which I recognised from the interview he did recently with Kerry O’Brien, such as “I deserve to be Prime Minister” “I stopped the boats” put to a type of rap beat. I suggested to Corporate Affairs that I was looking forward to a similar piece composed of Mark Latham out-takes, otherwise the ABCs action would look like bias.

It has since occurred to me that the ABC has refused certain documentary makers the right to use parts of ABC recordings of politicians’ statements. Media Watch was most upset about this. Sound bites were not to be used without the express permission of the person who’s speech they were using.

So has Red Symon’s breached this directive of ABC management?

Who should I contact to enquire about this?
Drop Biffer a line, is my advice. Copy to Sue Howard, who transmitted the directive to the restive troops.

On the other hand, is it necessary for Auntie to compose a rap for Mark Latham? He's done it himself.

The Latham rap has only one line: Gunna ease the squeeze repeated indefinitely in a monotone. It was repeated at least six times during the great debate last night.