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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The perfect candidate for Labor's left:
"I don't want to get caught in the trap of saying I am sympathetic [to the Islamist Moro Liberation Front] but I would say I understand their causes," [Labor candidate] Dr Molloy said yesterday.

But Dr Molloy said groups which resorted to violence should not be stereotyped as "terrorists" by people who did not understand their side of the argument.

"It is no good to call them all terrorists. You have to look at the side they came from," he said.

In December 2002, Dr Molloy blamed Australia and the US for terrorism.

"If the West in general and the US in particular are really serious about stamping out terrorism and state promoters of this activity, we would be turning our guns not only on the Russians, Chinese, Irish, Spanish, French, virtually all our allies and even back on ourselves, but most importantly also on the US itself," he said in a public speech.
And Molloy tells The World Today his armed mate is "effectively" a government soldier, whatever that means, and that he was only "holding" the gun for the photographer. David Hicks should try that defence.