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Thursday, September 09, 2004
PARACHUTE PETE GARRETT HIT THE GROUND yesterday at Matraville Soldiers Settlement Primary School, according to a Henny Herald story, unwebbed.

It was not a pretty landing.

"Do you actually shave your head with a razor or are you actually bald?" was one of the kids' insightful questions.

Even more insightful was the answer - silence. A "very personal thing" Garrett's media adviser Simon Balderstone explained later.

Still, Garrett had to find out about State schools in his electorate. He went private himself, of course - he is a Green - and so do his two kids.

And he supports his new Party's policy of making it harder for parents to choose independent schools by cutting government funds. "Garrett said he would happily pay higher fees if Latham stripped funds from wealthy schools."

Garrett is a multi-millionaire. It seems he likes to restrict choice in education to people like him.

Red on the outside, but very Green on the inside.