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Wednesday, September 15, 2004
NEWSWEEK SUPPORTS crazy Bill Burkett as the source of CBS's forgeries, agreeing with the Republicans that CBS producer Mary Mapes was the conduit.

Perhaps it was the first desperate punt of a new Democrat attack unit, the inititative of new Kerry hard-man John Sasso, formed in response to the Swift veterans savaging of John Kerry:
On the ground, a hard-core Kerry group is setting up a new "oppo" squad. Tentatively called Sealords II—Kerry's Mekong Delta mission in Vietnam was known as Sealords—the group has a $1 million budget and will be housed at the Democratic National Committee, where, one of its members says, the mission will be "message, debate prep, attack, attack."
And Bill Burkett is the toughest alligator the Sealords could find in the Mekong?

Give them their purple hearts and send them home.