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Saturday, September 18, 2004
The nature of Mark Latham's ideology, Marksism, is becoming clearer as he expands the list of groups to be de-funded and legislated against.

The first metaphor Latham used for his ideology was 'the ladder of opportunity'. You would think that meant Latham favoured rewarding individual effort and opposed the spread of welfarism. Think again, because here come the policies based on the ideology.

First there was the transfer of health funding from rebates available to all, to those who can find politically-correct, bulk-billing doctors. The goal is equality of medical outcomes, not optimal outcomes.

Then there were the cut to the benefits of stay-at-home mums, then those sending their kids to private schools that have reached or exceeded minimal standards of capital equipment. Not to mention the CSIRO researchers and the security services, all of whom are to be pilloried early in the first term of a Marksist government.

More important than that list of outsiders is the return of workplace control to the union capos.

Common to all these inititatives is hostility to those who exercise free choice on their way up the Latham ladder of opportunity. Mark doesn't mind if you get rich, as long as you don't spend your money any way but his way on your health, your children's education, or anything else he defines as important.

He wants you to work productively, provided you conform to the rules imposed by unions not the least bit interested in productivity.

And now Mark Latham has given us the clearest statement to date of the glue that holds together the apparent contradictions of Marksism (on the front page of today's Sydney Morning Herald).
My ideology is about insiders and outsiders, about the dispersal of power and opportunity" Latham explalined in an interview with the Herald.

As part of this ideology he is quite prepared to take funds from the insiders and give to the outsiders: "I've never been afraid to take on redistribution of money."
"Insiders and outsiders", a much more flexible basis for social division than old fashioned class warfare.

But it's not new. It was the imposed social dynamic of Nazism and Stalinism.

Let's hope we never have to find out just how far Latham is prepared to push his doctrine.