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Friday, September 10, 2004
MARK LATHAM has maintained iron discipline in his first response to the Jakarta embassy bombing.

The temptation is now out there. According to an unconfirmed claim JI was responsible for the bombing and pins it on Australia's involvement in Iraq.
JEMAAH Islamiah today reportedly claimed responsibility for the deadly attack on the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, and warned of more unless Australia withdrew its forces from Iraq.

No mercy from the Henny Herald left. As one of
Henny's correspondents Michael Burd has pointed out: "With the latest bombing outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta, no doubt there will be a flurry of letters blaming John Howard and our alliance with the United States and the war in Iraq."

Henny's other correspondents prove Burd right.

"I think bin Laden would find it much more difficult to recruit suicide bombers if he was being given an empathetic hearing by Western governments" the big-hearted Miles Campbell of Rozelle writes.

I suppose it could work.

Osama to W: I want you dead, infidel dog!

W: I can empathise with that. Me first, but.