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Saturday, September 18, 2004
"Many of us have risked everything on this election," Bill Burkett, assumed source of the CBS forgeries, wailed to his Democrat mates in August. (registration required)

Just how much he risked, and how much help he had from fellow Democrats, is yet to be revealed.

We know he worked on the Bush records, because he told his readers on the Online Journal:
I know from your files that we have now reassembled, the fact that you did not fulfill your oath, taken when you were commissioned to "obey the orders of the officers appointed over you".
Who, apart from Bill, is covered by that "we"?

Mary Mapes, 60 Minutes producer, is the likely to be the first casualty. She's a cheaper sacrifice than anchor Dan Rather.

We do it differently in Australia. A Radio National producer who discovered flying carpets was merely carpeted and told to keep flying. No doubt she is.