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Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Malaysian Prime Minister Badawi calls on the non-Muslim world to forswear its "anti-Muslim 'bigotry" and break the link between Islam and terrorism.

Perhaps the Muslim world can help by not supporting Islamist terrorism. Like these guys and their version of Islam:
Twice in three days, PA [Palestinian Authority] religious leaders have openly called for the genocide of Jews. Broadcast on official PA TV, both called for the murder of Jews until the Jewish people are annihilated. Both presented the killing of Jews not merely as the will of Allah, but also as a necessary stage in history that should be carried out now. To support these mandatory killings, both cited the same Hadith - Islamic tradition attributed to Mohammed - expressing Allah’s will that Muslims will kill Jews, before the “Hour” of Resurrection.
And it would be reassuring to see those pre-schools for terrorists in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Indonesia receiving some unfavourable attention from their governments. Not to mention the urgent need to ban Jemaa Islamiya in Indonesia.

Let's at least meet half way on this.