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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
John Kerry's four-point plan for losing the war on Islamist terror.

1. Promise to get out of Iraq in four years, so encouraging the Islamists, the Iranians and Syrians to consolidate their investments for a Balkanised Iraq, and the French and Russians to stay on the sidelines until their own investments can be most productive of political influence and economic advantage. The result, a Middle East more hostile to US interests than it is now, and extremely friendly to Islamism.

2. Make further investment in re-constructing Iraq dependent on the collaboration of America's "allies". See above. America's real allies are already in Iraq.
Kofi Annan has already asked for help with securing the Iraqi elections and been refused. "Kerry lays out nice suggestions but I have no reason to assume they'd work any better, in the sense that there's no sign that the international community is willing to contribute to stabilizing Iraq or helping with security even if there is a leadership change in Washington," said Judith Yaphe, a former CIA Iraq expert now at the National Defense University.
3. Give the French, the Russians and the Germans a bigger slice of the reconstruction of Iraq. Why should they work on commission when they can own the firm?

4. Ask NATO to take responsibility for helping Iraq. John, John, NATO means the US taking the burden of Europe's defence off Europe's shoulders, with the inevitable consequences for the military posture and capability of the former European powers. Do you remember Yugoslavia?

"I know it sounds sort of tough, I know it does," he [Kerry] told a town hall meeting in Jacksonville. "I wish it didn't...

Not a problem, John.