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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
IF LABOR WANTED TO USE John Howard's 'lies' to distinguish Mark Latham as the truthful leader, then they should have understood their man better, because the list of his demonstrable, and current, porkies grows by the day. And we don't need a drunken public servant to attest to that.

Yesterday we had the claim that the Government's $600 per child grants were not 'real' and need not be included in a comparison of Labor tax/welfare proposals with those of the Government. That was said in front of a bunch of senior journalists. More bare-a*sed than bare-faced.

Then there was the untruth over Labor's reactionary industrial relations policies, as Janet Albrechtsen reminds us today:
When asked if Labor would keep that limit, Latham declared "we've got no policy to expand those matters, but, as I say, this is a matter for the Industrial Relations Commission." Again, that was either a sneaky or uninformed response because Labor is committed to re-centralising workplace negotiations by abolishing the existing legal limit of 20 so-called "allowable matters".

Remove the limit and the sky becomes the limit. Latham knows that. Indeed, unions are already flexing their muscle. Tony Maher, the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union's mining secretary, told one newspaper: "My members will have everything that was taken out and then some."

And yet Latham's untruthfulness is not an issue among the commentators.

As Latham demonstrated in last night's interview with Kerry O'Brien, those who occupy the bully pulpits of our media become pussy-cats when they meet a real bully.