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Saturday, September 18, 2004
He's a victim, claims the mother of a man, disguised with the name 'John Hill', convicted of armed robberies and brutal rapes.
But Hill's mother, Rita, has told the Herald she blames "the system" because that was where her son was brought up and educated.

He has been in jail for most of his life, since the age of 10.
The young 'John Hill' was first stolen from his family, and that was the start of his problems.
"He's not a violent man. They can say what they like, because we know different," she said.

"They've got a set of law for one lot and another set for another. He's never had a fair go from the age of 10, when he was first incarcerated [for stealing a tow truck]. I don't feel guilty and I won't feel bad, and I still love my son."
Go, Rita. It might even work.