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Monday, September 27, 2004

Henny Herald, in her presentation of the Howard spend-up proposals this morning, reproduces the Prime Minister's statement and intersperses it with the editorial comments of its journalists.
So the super-welfarist Adele Horin gets to pan the family and welfare policies behind the spending plan in that area, while Tom Allard, who favours ceding territory to any basket case country that asks for it, runs a diatribe against Howard's Iraq policy, and so on.

Why bother with opposition parties when you've got Herald 'journalists'?

Allard concludes his mini-essay on anti-Yankism with this strange recognition of the Howard government's striking achievements in trade and security relations with east and south-east Asian countries :
[Howard is] on solid ground to say the US alliance hasn't hurt Australia in at least one important respect in regional relations.
He fails to even hint at the other "important respects" in which the US alliance has hurt Australia's interests.

Linda Doherty, responding to the Government's attempts to break through, by direct funding, the headlock put on our public school systems by the education unions and State bureaucracies, fails even to acknowledge the problem.
But the method of bidding for bucks - through committees of parents and pricipals - is deliberately divisive and aimed at cutting state governments out of the process
a response that could have been written by the education unions. She leaves her readers guessing why a federal government should bother to pick a fight with State governments in the middle of an election campaign.

And so on.

If you print a blog on newsprint, does that make it a newspaper?