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Saturday, September 11, 2004
EVIDENCE CAN DEFEAT LIES, but it is powerless against bloody-minded malice like Henny Herald's Bush-hatred.

On the same page this morning we have a pusillanimous report on the collapse of the forgeries CBS's 60 Minutes programme used to attack President Bush's service record, and, placed above it, a lip-licking report of the rumours of the rumours Kitty Kelley is about to publish on the Bush family.

The story of CBS's disgrace is headed:
Typewriting blurs attack on military files of President
but we can see what they're really trying to blur, a colossal failure CBS's journalism.

The headline for the Kelley confabulation, on the other hand, endorses its claims despite the fact that Henny's Catherine Overington has yet to read it:
Scandal-monger Kelley finds fertile ground to dig dirt among the Bushes.

I won't reproduce Overington's repeat of the Kelley rumours. It's Mike Moore without the pictures. In any case, there is much, much more interesting material in this morning's Henny, enough for a graduate seminar in the mechanics of left-wing media manipulation. It may drag me in from the rose bushes later today.

(This may by the Powerline post that started a remarkable day's blogging on the CBS forgeries.)