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Monday, September 06, 2004
THE DENIALISM OF THE AUSTRALIAN LEFT after the collapse of 'whistle-blower' Mike Scrafton's evidence last week is an object lesson in how to maintain the anti-Howard rage.

Perhaps the nicest example comes from the Canberra Times, the newspaper that launched the career of left-wing ranter and anti-Semite, Margo Kingston.

This Capital newspaper found the best way to suppress the inconvenient fact of Scrafton's collapse was to pretend the Senate Committee's Wednesday afternoon session just didn't happen. Despite having the latest print deadline of any of the dailies the Times's Thursday report stops at lunch time. We hope that reporter David McLennan enjoyed his afternoon in the Parliamentary bar.

Most media reports have not gone so far off the planet, preferring the Michelle Grattan strategy: if Scrafton is still asserting strongly his accusation against Howard, the story is "strong".

Henny Herald columnist Robert 'Cudgels' Manne preferred this morning the pontifical position: "In my opinion the Government's efforts almost entirely failed", and surely no reader need know more than that - almost.

I keep saying that to assay the success of the war on terrorism, as reported by the Henny-Auntie axis, you need to watch the direction of the Bush-Howard defeats. In the case of the Howard-hating left of our media you should watch the direction of their victories, as they go marching backwards out the door.