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Thursday, August 12, 2004
YOU CAN SEE WHY Joe Barbaro is very grumpy with the couple charged with kidnapping his baby daughter, Montana.

Apart from his paternal anxiety, there's also the invasion of privacy.
THE grandfather of baby Montana today said he was shocked to discover his daughter's partner had reportedly been leading a double life with another family interstate.
We suppose Montana's mother was surprised, too. Joe's Canberra partner certainly was:
His shocked Canberra fiancee Tanya Flynn said Mr Barbaro had moved her and their two children, Letesha, six, and Jay, three, interstate three years ago.

She said they knew nothing of him also having two children with Anita Ciancio – Montana, four weeks, and Sienna, 19 months, the newspaper reported.
If I were Joe I'd be looking forward to the spell in prison that may follow the drugs charges he's fighting.